Arepas with a Creative Gourmet Twist

New Item!!

A very popular and essential part of the South American diet with a gourmet twist. The best way to describe the Arepa is the cousin of Pupusas, it looks like a small pancake.

Gourmet Arepas? Our Arepas fillings are premixed into the dough, therefore all you need to so is toast and enjoy! arepas

Directly from your freezer or refrigerator to your toaster and on your plate within minutes.  Enjoy for any meal of the day!

Available in 3 flavors:
• Cheese
• Spinach & Cheese
• Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Jalapeno & Cheese

Available in 2 sizes:
• 2.5oz
• 0.5oz (for appetizer)